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Safe Ocean Service is an offshore service and engineering company within the oil and wind turbine industry.

Our expertise includes scaffolding services as well as servicing of all rotating equipment installed offshore. We represent an innovative group of enthusiastic engineers who take pride in carrying out high-quality jobs that are finished on time.

Flexibility is a watchword for a good service company. As experienced engineers, we are committed to providing worldwide service 24/7. Our vision of good service is doing the job onsite and solving the job wherever and whenever it is necessary. As a result, we can commence troubleshooting as soon as a problem arises.

Rotating machines or installations in the marine and offshore industry are typically located in harsh environments. Regular maintenance helps us to keep your business running smoothly. But when problems do occur, we know that time is money. This, combined with safety always being our primary concern, makes us some of the best in the industry. We believe that a job well-done is performed by highly trained and motivated service engineers. We seek long-term relations with our customers – as well as with our employees.

You are always very welcome to contact our project managers for preliminary talks about potential jobs.

Welcome to Safe Ocean Service.