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Company history

The idea behind Safe Ocean Service first saw the light of day in 2010. Founders and partners, Chris Durhuus and Thomas Nielsen, met for the very first time and immediately started talking about the big demand for quality service in the offshore industry.

Both had backgrounds in the maritime business, which included knowledge on ship propulsion and shipyards. Both also recognized that the industry had a large amount of highly skilled workers but due to the shipyard situation in Europe, there were not as many jobs as there were workers.

After a thorough analysis, which showed a definite demand, they decided to start educating shipyard workers and introducing higher-level engineers (B.Sc.) to the offshore industry.

Then, after a few small jobs in 2011, including the first yard stay in Hirtshals in 2011, Safe Ocean Service was officially open for business in 2012.

Since then, business has been expanding, and the company’s team is growing steadily to a current number of approximately 60 employees. The customers’ appreciation for highly skilled workers and an office with around-the-clock project management are just some of the reasons for our success. Today, we are among the biggest and the most experienced service companies within the on/offshore oil, gas and wind turbine industries.

We look forward to seeing how the offshore industry develope in the future and we are confident that we will be able to meet all future demands.