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Great recognition for Safe Ocean Service: the offshore company is to perform maintenance and repair at a huge oil rig for Mærsk Drilling in the Port of Grenaa. “With this order we have arrived at the major league”, says the Hirtshals based company.

From end November and a few months ahead the Port of Grenaa will provide the setting for the maintenance of the massive oil rig, Mærsk Inspirer. Mærsk Drilling has chosen Safe Ocean Service as the general contractor of maintenance, which primarily consists of cleansing and corrosion prevention of the oil rig’s oil producing plant.

Safe Ocean Service is very pleased and delighted to have been chosen by the industry icon, Mærsk:
“Mærsk Drilling has chosen us in a competition against the most heavy weight competitors in the industry. We have won this job while competing against big well-reputed companies and about that we are very proud”, says Chris Durhuus, CEO of Safe Ocean Service.

Greater opportunities
He emphasizes that the prestige, which is associated with being chosen by Mærsk, is of great importance to Safe Ocean Service: “When it comes to the large-scale repair and maintenance projects we have definitely arrived at the major league. This order from Mærsk will considerably increase our possibilities of winning more projects within this business area.

A result of collaboration
Safe Ocean Service and the Port of Grenaa have, in collaboration with DJURS Wind Power, worked closely together in order to promote the companies as a strong team in relation to maintenance and repair of the oil rig before it heads out on new jobs.
“Together we have prepared solid and thorough preliminary work, which included a series of meetings with Mærsk Drilling and it is this effort that now is proving to create results”, says Chris Durhuus.

A breakthrough
At the Port of Grenaa they are equally pleased and delighted to have been chosen by Mærsk Drilling.
“This is a big break and it will significantly increase our possibilities of obtaining major oil rig projects in the future”, says Henrik Carstensen, managing director of the Port of Grenaa.

The chairman of the industry network DJURS Wind Power, Bo Allermann, looks forward to seeing the derived effect that the maintenance of the oil rig will have for the companies within the local area. “Working with Mærsk Inspirer will surely also result in jobs and revenue for the local companies, which is why I recognize that there are huge advantages and perspectives in collaborating with Safe Ocean Service and the Port of Grenaa.

The maintenance work at the oil rig at the Port of Grenaa will be carried out by 20 of Safe Ocean Service’s engineers.

(From left:  Henrik Carstensen, managing director, Port of Grenaa, Chris Durhuus, CEO, Safe Ocean Service og Bo Allermann, chairman, DJURS Wind Power.)

Photographer: Gert Præst