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From the 2nd to the 4th of May, students from Hirtshals school’s 8th grade have visited 3 companies at the Port of Hirtshals to learn about the opportunities present in the maritime industry.

The reason behind the students’ company visit is due to the government’s increased focus on the maritime industry as less and less young people choose to get a maritime education. And given that 42% of all jobs in “Det Blå Danmark” is found in the maritime industry the problem which likely will occur is that it will be difficult to fill future jobs in this industry.

Around 80 students have had the opportunity to be a part of a workday at a company of their own choice. They had the option of choosing between the following companies; Safe Ocean Service, the Port of Hirtshals, and Cosmos Trawl. At the Port of Hirtshals and Safe Ocean Service, the students had the opportunity to work with marketing, and at Cosmos Trawl they worked with drag-net manufacturing.

Today, Amalie Kallehauge, Katrine Vinther Krogh, and Karoline Toft Kristensen, from grade 8.C, did their work experience at Safe Ocean Service. “We chose SOS because we thought it would be very interesting to work with language and social media.” said the three girls. Furthermore, they expressed that they have discovered, which type of jobs that can be found at the Port of Hirtshals other than physically demanding jobs – for example office based work.

“We have learned what it is to work with social media, brochures, and press releases. We have also discovered that you need to obtain a higher education in order to work with marketing, which we find exciting because you get the opportunity to work with social media, meet many new people, and go to various trade exhibitions all around the world.” Says the three girls. “Our day have been quite exciting. We were well greeted by all of the employees and quickly became a part the SOS team and joined in on their odd and funny sense of humor, which clearly shine through in the canteen where we had a delicious lunch.” finished the three girls.

Safe Ocean Service’s Marketing Coordinator, Maria-Louise Vadskær, tells that the company has chosen to support these days of work experience as they believe that it is important for maritime companies to make an effort to show the students, which opportunities the maritime industry has to offer. This could pique the students’ interest and thereby hopefully attract more young people to the maritime industry.

The 11 8th grade students that did work experience at Safe Ocean Service composed a newsletter for the company’s intranet, an employee profile for the company’s website and social media as well as a press release, which they have sent out to various media. The three tasks, which were divided over the three days were picked out in order to give the students a taste of what it is like to work with marketing in practice in a maritime company.