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Hot/Cold stacking
Among the many services Safe Ocean Service offers, is Hot/Cold stacking. With an address just next to our own rig quay at the Port of Hirtshals we can offer our clients the best and most convenient conditions and solutions in relation to hot/Cold stacking of a rig.

A rig can either be cold- or hot-stacked;

Hot-stacking of a rig, or ready-stacking as it often referred to, means that the rig is idle but operational. A Hot-stacked rig typically retains most of its crew and can deploy quickly if an operator requires its services. In a hot-stacked state, normal maintenance operations similar to those performed when the rig is active are continued by a crew so that the rig remains work ready. A crew needs to present on the rig on a daily basis to ensure that preservation and preventive maintenance schedules for drilling and general ship equipment are followed. Additionally, some machinery needs to run idle and/or under minimum load. For example, top-drive, drawworks, mud pumps, diesel engines, water-makers, compressors, deck cranes, and galley equipment as well.
Thus, a rig is kept in a hot-stacked state when its owner anticipates that the rig will be able to return to work shortly and should therefore be ready to be mobilized within a few days. Hot-stacked rigs are actively marketed and considered part of marketable supply.
Safe Ocean service’s team of highly trained multi skilled engineers are more than qualified to perform all the every-day tasks a hot-stacked rig requires such as cleaning, servicing, repairing, preparing, painting, welding, electrical work and other tasks on the never ending list of odd jobs and service items onboard and idle rig.

Cold-stacking of a rig is similar to “shuttering” an industrial plant – it involves “storing” the rig in a harbor, shipyard or designated area offshore and the crew is reduced to either zero or just a few key individuals and costs are therefore generally reduced to minimum levels. Typically, steps are taken to protect the rig including installing dehumidifiers and applying protective coatings to fight corrosion, installing monitoring systems that communicate rig status information to locations onshore and filling engines with protective fluids – all jobs that Safe Ocean service’s team of engineers are more that capable of performing at a high quality level. Although the duration of cold-stacking can vary depending on many factors, rigs that are cold stacked are typically out of service for a significant period of time and are generally not considered to be part of marketable supply.
Before returning a cold-stacked rig to service, drilling contractors must hire a crew and some level of investment is usually required. The investment may come in the form of a survey, completing deferred maintenance or refurbishment, which also are jobs that Service Ocean Service offers to perform to the highest quality standard in the industry.

Our services
Consequently, we can manage all aspects related to cold- or hot-stacking of a rig – right from planning and managing the project to the actual performance of the various practical jobs onboard the rig such as surveying, repair, maintenance, preservation related jobs etc.

Should you have any inquiries regarding cold- and/or hot-stacking of a rig, then please contact our experienced team of project managers here.