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Inspections & Surveys

Inspections and surveys are essential parameters in the lifecycle of all offshore oil, gas and wind structures. Safe Ocean Service acknowledge that timely and meticulous inspection and/or surveying of a structure is required in order for the structure to remain a safe work environment, comply with rules and regulations, maintain engineers and customers’ trust, and maintain the structure – thereby saving money.

A big part of inspection and surveying is Non-destructive Testing (NDT). Safe Ocean Service offers well-planned and executed NDT, which ensures the collection of valuable data about the condition of the structure and avoidance of unnecessary shutdowns without ever compromising safety. Additionally, we recognize that it is important to bring the structure back to full work proficiency as fast as possible as to avoid major disruptions to operations, which are both money and time consuming.

All of our inspectors are highly trained and qualified to the highest local and international standards in order to offer the fastest and best service. Depending on the location of the inspection/survey, offshore, subsea, areas which are hard to access, and/or “at height”, all inspectors are advised to apply the most practical and applicable methods available for every specific type of job. Furthermore, we are continuously working on developing new methods and evaluating current methods in order to improve the value of our services to our clients.

Should you have any questions regarding our inspection and survey services, please do no hesitate to contact us for further information.