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Managed Pressure Drilling (MPD)
– is an adaptive drilling method, which is used to more precisely control pressure throughout the wellbore in order to avoid continious influx of formation fluids to the surface. Essentially, MPD is overbalanced drilling while maintaining correct bottomhole pressure using a combination of mud density, equivalent circulating density, and backpressure. The drilling is executed in a closed system instead of a conventional open system, which ensures that drilling fluids are not exposed to the atmosphere, thus creating a safer drilling environment.

The ultimate goal of MPD is to drill wells efficiently with less nonproductive time. Additionally, MPD is also, by several experts, considered as the only solution for many otherwise conventionally undrillable, challenging prospects as it reduces several drilling issues that can be very time and money consuming.

There are several advantages related to MPD. Firstly, precise pressure management allows for better control of the well and borehole. Secondly, it is cost-efficient as it enables continuous drilling, and stability and flexibility, which permit the drilling of longer sections and deeper wells. Finally, MPD also provides a safer drilling environment as it reduces the risk of blowouts and other well control issues.

MPD Job – Maersk Valiant
MPD is not a new field to Safe Ocean Service. Recently we finished a job onboard Maersk Valiant where we were responsible for coordinating the structural, electrical, and mechanical areas of the MPD project.
This included

  • Installation of MPD manifolds.
  • Welding and installation of interconnecting piping between manifolds.
  • Installation of storm loops for umbilicals.
  • Installation of RCD and HPUs.
  • Welding of saddles for storing a MPD riser on deck.

MPD Services
Due to our experience with MPD and our team of skilled engineers, we offer a wide range of services in connection with MPD installation projects:

  • Project management
  • Planning
  • Testing
  • Installation
  • Commissioning

If you have any questions regarding our services in relation to MPD installations – do not hesitate to contact our competent team of project managers right here.