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Onshore Rig Upgrades
At Safe Ocean Service we have build our reputation and brand on offering services of the highest quality with a focus on safety and now we have the privilege of officering yet another feature to our portfolio, namely our new and better facilities, which comes with endless opportunities in the form of a spacious and modern office and close proximity to a rig quay. This means that we can offer topnotch facilities for rig servicing, repair, maintenance, and/or upgrading/special periodic surveys (SPS) of rigs as well as the possibility of cold- and hot-stacking of rigs in the Port of Hirtshals.

The Port of Hirtshals
A yard stay at the Port of Hirtshals offers several advantages.
Firstly, the Port of Hirtshals is easily accessible to rigs situated in the North Sea.
Secondly, Hirtshals’ infrastructure is very well-developed and efficient with numerous daily ferry departures between Denmark and Norway, trains connecting to all over Europe, the E45 highway which goes all the way down to the south of Europe and to the north of Sweden, and Aalborg International Airport is only short drive from the Port of Hirtshals.
Finally, a yard stay at the Port of Hirtshals is considered the less expensive choice as the harbor fee in the Port of Hirtshals is quite low. Furthermore, in connection with servicing of rigs at our rig quay we are able to offer our clients in-house office spaces for up to 24 people along with a spacious and airy lunch room, two fully equipped meeting rooms as well as change room facilities for both men and women, and a gym – and all of these facilities are located right next to the rig quay. Additionally, our new location is shared with several of our business partners and suppliers, which is not only an advantage to us but also our clients.

If you would like any further information on the Port of Hirtshals please visit the following links:

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Offshore Rig Upgrades
We also have several years of experience in offering offshore rig upgrades. An offshore rig needs on-going service, maintenance and repair in order to ensure optimal capacity and functionality as well as ensuring the safety for all personnel onboard the rig. Furthermore, costs are reduced if a rig is serviced and cared for in a responsible and timely manner as the lifespan of the rig will be extended and the duration of yard stays will become shorter and less frequent as the rig is in a good basic condition.

Rig Upgrades – What We Offer
We understand that several environmental factors as well as wear and tear take their toll on a rig and therefore it needs to undergo a SPS every 5 years. In relation to said servicing of a rig, inspection and/or a rig upgrade are often considered necessary in order to maintain an operative, efficient, and safe rig and work environment. However, we also realize that it is costly to pause a rig in connection with an up grade and therefore, we have specialized in servicing and up grading rigs to a tight schedule as to minimize the downtime and thereby the costs.
This is only possible due to the fact that we only employ the best of the best and many of our engineers are multi skilled and can therefore perform more than one type work. Furthermore, all of our engineers are in possession of all the proper certificates required to perform all sorts of rig related jobs. Finally, they are all fully dedicated to their job and the SOS brand, which ensures the performance of high quality jobs with a high focus on safety; Safety First – Quality Always!

For additional information pertaining to the rig upgrade services Safe Ocean Service offer, please contact our skilled team of project managers here.