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Safe Ocean Service has the honour of being involved in the renovation of Randers’ beautiful landmark – the Blue Bridge.
The bridge, which was build in 1876, is located next to Randers Rainforest and creates passage over the Gudenå for pedestrians and cyclists. However, it originally functioned as a railway bridge for the Randers-Gudenå Railway line and was a wooden bridge to begin with. Then in 1900 the wooden bridge was replaced by a beautiful steel bridge, which was strong enough to support a steam locomotive.
The Randers-Gudenå line closed in 1971 and a few years later the bridge was converted into a bridge for pedestrians and cyclists.Through the years the bridge has been renovated several times and now it is time for the 3000 m2 of steel construction and surface to be repaired, sandblasted and painted.

Safe Ocean service’s role in this renovation is to build scaffolding and cover the bridge with tarp in order to ready it for the actual renovation work.
However, in order to protect the bridge as much as possible our engineers have employed a special scaffolding technique, which was devised by Safe Ocean Service during our project at HelWin Alpha – namely floating scaffolding. That means that the scaffolding itself is not fastened to the bridge but hangs from wires from the bridge, which significantly lessens the strain on the bridge, as there is virtually no wind resistance and the scaffolding is moveable.
The floating scaffolding, which has been approved by technical engineers, can hold up to 85 tonnes in addition to the crew and equipment.

Safe Ocean Service has 7 engineers working on the Blue Bridge scaffolding project, which is divided into 4 stages, beginning with the western part of the bridge and ending with the eastern part of the bridge. The scaffolding and tarp-covering project will continue for another 2 months and the bridge is expected to be finished sometime in the fall of 2016.